Who We Are

The enterprise was first registered as Richant Food Processors in 2013 and after four active years in the industry, we changed our name to Impact Botanics-Africa Ltd in September 2017 as we sought to expand our range of products to satisfy the growing needs of an expanding clientele base.

In an era of increasing lifestyle diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular diseases, a great majority of the global population is turning to herbal/organic products both for nutritional enrichment and as natural remedies for healthy living. Further, the global organic personal care industry is one of the fastest-growing as consumers are increasingly embracing organic options. Recognizing this, we at Impact Botanics-Africa, are committed to sourcing, developing, and delivering the best quality organic products for nutrition and personal care for our valued customers in a timely, convenient and reliable manner. With a strong grassroots network spanning the entire East African region, we are able to source consistent, reliable and high-quality raw product which is then taken through value addition processes in the Kenyan capital of Nairobi.

As a nature-inspired, science-driven, and youth-led social enterprise, we are committed to delivering quality products to the consumer, value to the farmer, sustainability to the environment, and fulfillment to our dedicated team of professionals. Service delivery through reliable information and consumer support forms a core part of our philosophy and we are constantly connected to our clients to ensure we deliver a truly enriching consumer experience.


In compliance with the legal requirements for quality products for consumers, our company has been inspected and products reviewed and certified in accordance with the East Africa Organic Products Standards (EAOPS). We also work closely with the Kenya Bureau of Standards (KEBS) and Nairobi County Health Department in our efforts to guarantee the highest standards of product quality for our esteemed customer

Product Portfolio

Our products fall into two categories: Nutrition and Personal care. The nutritional product profile includes Natural Honey, Hibiscus tea, Moringa, Baobab, Chia seeds, Stevia, Pumpkin seeds, Flax seeds, Black seeds and Himalayan salt among others. Our skin and hair care products include Baobab oil, Shea butter, Moringa oil, Avocado oil and Coconut oil. We deliver within Nairobi and ship across the East African region.