We are actively and happily involved in empowerment initiatives for farmers in the arid and semi-arid regions of East Africa. In such places, conventional farming is less viable and alternative approaches are welcome.  Further, such communities are marginalized with poor infrastructure and limited economic opportunities. By offering value addition for agroforestry produce, we are providing opportunities for these farmers, mostly women to gain dignified livelihoods.

We are committed to advancing this mission through initiatives such as farmer training, the establishment of grassroots processing infrastructure, the provision of farmer training, and contracted production. Value addition for these products not only provides economic opportunities but also helps to control rural-urban migration in such areas.  Further, we have a network of about 150 middle-level retailers who solely rely on our products for their stocking thereby providing them with business opportunities.

Deforestation is a major cause of environmental degradation and a driver of climate change. By adding value to agroforestry produce, we are incentivizing this venture thereby promoting environmental conservation. Species such as the Shea and Baobab trees are indigenous to Africa and through value addition, we are promoting the preservation of the rich distinctive biodiversity of Africa.


  • Over 22 different produce
  • About 300 farmers
  • 800 tonnes of produce
  • Over 5 years of active partnerships
  • 350 middle-level retailers

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