At Impact, we believe quality begins at the farm! In keeping with this, we are committed to giving farmers/producers an opportunity to deliver high-quality products in a consistent, reliable, and convenient manner.

Due to our diverse product profile, we are giving opportunities to suppliers from time to time. We have devised several criteria to ensure quality is assured throughout the sourcing process which is summarized in the following general guidelines.

  • A prospective client is required to initiate contact with our production and logistics department either via email ( or mobile: 0727233208
  • A sample/ small shipment may be requested in the initial period to be taken through normal quality checks
  • The company will subject batches from all shipments to routine quality checks
  • The prospective supplier may be required to declare estimates of quantities and frequency of supply of their products to enable better planning
  • A working contract shall be signed between the company and qualified suppliers for different products
  • The company employs a flexible payment approach but generally, suppliers will be paid within the shortest time possible after supply and normal QA/QC checks
  • The company may revoke supplier contracts or return goods if in its assessment the minimum product quality has not been attained.